2016 Senior Rep Program – Meet & Greet

AHHHH! I am so thrilled to be sharing photos from Sunday’s 2016 Senior Rep Program Meet & Greet!


First off all, those of you who don’t know me and my philosophy of life, let me take a second to clue you in! Making people feel good about themselves is one of my number one priorities in life. Why? My faith in the Lord has a lot to do with it, but because I believe in smiles, genuine love for people, and living a happy life. I may be one of the most optimistic people you’ve ever met, and I make it my personal goal to uplift those around me and set others up for success! And it is a PRIVILEGE to be able to work with such amazing young ladies.


Out of all of the applications submitted these 10 ladies were chosen. Each one of these precious girls took their time and submitted lengthy and incredible applications. They showed me through their applications alone that I would be proud to have them representing my business and, most importantly, they were able to show that they have the characteristics to lift others up to feel GOOD about themselves. THAT is what this program is all about! Not to pick out or single who’s the prettiest, or who has the nicest things, or even about spreading the word on my business, although that is a plus. It is to help promote the love of loving yourself and loving others for who they are and I thoroughly believe this is what I capture when I am behind my camera.

Make sure if you’re interested in YOUR 2016 Senior Portraits to contact one of these sweet girls to receive a rep card for 10% OFF your session! 

The idea behind the Heather Chipps Photography 2016 Senior Meet & Greet came when I told myself I wanted to do something fun + special for these ladies. Not just a “Hey, sign this contract and go get me business” meeting. So, I immediately thought of Brittney at Wood Grain and Lace Events. She has a way of taking the multiple crazy ideas in my head and turning them into reality. So, we started contacting vendors to see if they could sponsor our Meet & Greet and next thing I know, it’s happening. Karen and Chef Steven Schopen at Molasses Grill were THRILLED behind the idea of the program and happily agreed to host. Delicious desserts from Mary at Southern Plenty were being ordered. I was speaking with the amazing artist and calligrapher, Ashley Bush about doing the handwritten name cards, dessert cards, and “Thank You” cards. I was taking sizes for the GORGEOUS and handmade in America skirts from Frill Clothing. Sonja at Gregory’s Florist was ordering flowers. I mean, needless to say I was BLOWN away with everything. To be honest, it still feels surreal. I just LOVE the support between businesses and rallying behind this program for these young ladies.


I hope you enjoy!!!

virginia_bridal_portrait_0077virginia_bridal_portrait_0078Confetti from: Lola’s Confetti Shop
virginia_bridal_portrait_0079Teal Pens and Notebook: Poppin
virginia_bridal_portrait_0080Gold Foiled Business Cards: Shayna Madevirginia_bridal_portrait_0081virginia_bridal_portrait_0120White Streamer Banner: Homemade

Senior Sweets Banner: Target
virginia_bridal_portrait_0083virginia_bridal_portrait_0090Dessert Dishes: Marshallsvirginia_bridal_portrait_0118virginia_bridal_portrait_0088

virginia_bridal_portrait_0091Each lady received a small gift from me as my “Thank You” to them for being a rep

Necklaces from: SilverMore

virginia_bridal_portrait_00982016 Balloons: Glam Fete by Brivirginia_bridal_portrait_0099virginia_bridal_portrait_0100virginia_bridal_portrait_0101 Meet Miss Emily Slayton from Halifax County High Schoolvirginia_bridal_portrait_0102virginia_bridal_portrait_0124Meet Miss Tori Plitt from Halifax County High Schoolvirginia_bridal_portrait_0103virginia_bridal_portrait_0104Meet Miss Katie Garnett from Randolph Henry High School virginia_bridal_portrait_0105virginia_bridal_portrait_0123virginia_bridal_portrait_0125Meet Miss Cecilie Elliot from Halifax County High Schoolvirginia_bridal_portrait_0106virginia_bridal_portrait_0126Meet Miss Savannah Dunn from Bluestone High School virginia_bridal_portrait_0107virginia_bridal_portrait_0127Meet Miss Briana Thompson from Randolph Henry High School
virginia_bridal_portrait_0108virginia_bridal_portrait_0134virginia_bridal_portrait_0128Meet Miss Madison Murray from Halifax County High Schoolvirginia_bridal_portrait_0109virginia_bridal_portrait_0110Meet Miss Mckenzi Flippen from Tunstall High Schoolvirginia_bridal_portrait_0111virginia_bridal_portrait_0129

Meet Miss Amanda Harrison from Halifax County High Schoolvirginia_bridal_portrait_0135virginia_bridal_portrait_0136

Meet Miss Alexandra Reddy from Galileo Magnet High Schoolvirginia_bridal_portrait_0112virginia_bridal_portrait_0132virginia_bridal_portrait_0133



This Meet & Greet could not have happened without the generous donations we received from each and every one of you! Well, it may have happened, but it definitely would not have been this cute and well planned that is for sure! So again, thank you SO much!


Desserts: Southern Plenty 

Event Planning: Brittney Schopen at Wood Grain and Lace Events

Flowers: Gregory’s Florist

Handwritten Lettering & Calligraphy: Ashley Bush

Host: Molasses Grill 

Skirts: Frill Clothing

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