2017 Senior Rep Applications

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EEEEEE!!! It’s that time of year again and I am SUPER pumped to be announcing my THIRD year of doing the Heather Chipps Photography Senior Rep Program!!! Holy cow I can’t believe it!!!

This program has grown into much more than discounted sessions and pretty pictures. It’s a chance for these girls to connect with each other. To share their high school experiences with each other. They can be their real and genuine selves and are able to show each other that they are beautiful inside and out. I want ALL of my seniors to feel GOOD about themselves and encourage their peers in the process! I wish I could have a million Seniors Reps, but I can’t…and that’s why I am only able to choose 10 a year from across the Southside Region.

So what is a senior rep?

A senior rep is a super happy, fun, high school senior who has an amazing personality and who has a super positive attitude that loves, loves, loves being in front of the camera! They want to encourage and support other girls in their senior class. But not only that, they also have a well-rounded head on their shoulders and can take on the responsibility of representing Heather Chipps Photography. They are young professionals in the making and have a positive outlook on life!



What have I enjoyed about being a senior rep? Everything! I loved the meet and greet, where all of us seniors got to welcome each other into the start of our senior year. We were able to learn Heather’s background and her passion for photography. Heather makes you feel like a beauty queen, and that’s what it should be about right?! Her pictures capture emotional aspects that many photographers can’t seem to grasp. She is one of a kind and I have been thankful to have been a rep for her program this year!

-Cecilie  2016 Senior Rep





I enjoyed being able to meet a great bunch of girls and being able to feel very comfortable having my pictures taken and not feeling awkward. Also, of course Heather is the amazing with the camera

-Briana  2016 Senior Rep




I loved being a senior rep for Heather Chipps Photography because I was happy to be able to advertise something very genuine for someone who so very clearly loves what she is doing. Being a senior rep, not only did I get to have beautiful senior pictures but Heather made me feel beautiful in my own skin.

-Emily  2016 Senior Rep


Okay, okay…you’re wondering what’s in it for you, right??

This is what YOU get if you’re seclected:

A 50% discounted session with me

A Styled Photo Session at the Senior Rep Meet and Greet (click here to see last years Meet and Greet)with clothing provided by Frill Clothing

Rep cards with your images to pass out

Your parents will get 20% off all product/prints purchased 

Each friend referred will get 10% off their session

Special Gifts and Incentives from Heather Chipps Photography

2016 senior reps-459

What makes a good application? 

You need to put your best effort forward! Your application is a direct showcase of the drive you have. If you submit a short application with one sentence answers…odds are not in your favor. You absolutely don’t have to be involved in extra curricular activities to be considered. However, I do expect you take your time and answer the questions to the fullest. THAT is what I care most about. I want to get to know you and see that you care about applying which then shows me your dedication.

Click the link and fill out the application below and submit it to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Only 10 Reps will be chosen from across the Southside Region!

Click Here To Apply

Deadline for submission is: February 29th, 2016. I will announce the winners on March 22nd, 2016!

Good Luck ladies!

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