2017 Senior Rep Meet and Greet

HOORAY!!! I am so excited to finally be sharing photos from the 2017 Senior Rep Meet and Greet! I am telling you guys that this was an absolute BLAST to plan along side Amanda Day Rose. She is the one who made this all look super pretty! I mean, who would think to put flowers in a
pineapple?! NOT ME! Hahaha! And the gorgeous dresses provided by Frill Clothing (you ladies should TOTALLY go buy one right now). Oh, and the desserts by Sugar Euphoria…YOU GUYS!!! Ohhhh, man!

This year I wanted to make sure I came across to these girls with a very clear message. My senior rep program is NOT a popularity contest. It has nothing to do with that what so ever. Besides, I mean, I am not in high school anymore…so how am I supposed to know who is popular and who isn’t?! Haha! But in all seriousness, I sat down with these sweet girls that were chosen and gave them a part of my heart and talked to them on a more personal level. I told them exactly why I asked for them to become and rep of my business. They each had over the moon applications and I am lucky to have reps from Danville, Halifax, Home Schooled, and Randolph Henry EEE! I could just see in their applications alone that they would go above and beyond for making other seniors feel special. They possess the ability to talk to each other because of their outgoing personalties. To LIFT each other up. To help other girls their age feel GOOD about themselves, because let me tell you…when you’re in High School…well, you know. It’s not the best place to be sometimes. Trust me. I hated High School, haha! But now I know differently.

So, when it comes to this rep program, it’s so much more than just having these girls tell people about my business. It is my PERSONAL mission is to be there for others when they aren’t feeling too great. To show them that it doesn’t matter weather you’re wearing name branded clothes or clothes you bought from Goodwill y’all. What matters is the impression you leave behind and anything I can do to pursue that mission is something I feel so lucky to even be a part of.

These girls will officially have their cards in hand next week to hand out! So, if you’re interested in booking YOUR senior session feel free to contact me and make sure you grab a rep card for (HERE’S THE SURPRISE)


YES! That’s right! You will get $50 OFF YOUR session when you book!


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danville virginia senior portrait photographer_0114



Dresses: Frill Clothing 

Styling/Florals: Amanda Day Rose 

Sweets: Sugar Euphoria

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals


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