Ferrum College Wedding

Ferrum College Wedding: Ryan & Holly

So excited to introduce you to Ryan and Holly!

They were married on December 20th, 2014 and had gorgeous Ferrum College wedding at the Chapel in Ferrum, Virginia.

How they met:

They met at Ferrum College of course! How wonderful is that? Meeting your best friend and soul mate in college? Pretty neat if you ask me and they’ve been together ever since. Four years in April to be exact.

When they knew it was real love:


 I knew he was the one when I was still living in Halifax. I couldn’t wait until the weekends to go see him. It seemed like the week would drag by. As soon as I got off work on Friday’s, I would head for Rocky Mount. Of course when the weekend was over I would feel so sad that I wouldn’t be able to see him again for a whole week or longer. I couldn’t stand being away from him, so that’s when I knew he was the one.


I knew she was the one when I couldn’t stand the thought of not living the rest of my life without her. When we were apart for weeks at a time (when she went back home in Halifax) it felt like an eternity. She was not only my friend, she was my best friend; and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.


The Proposal:

He proposed this past summer at Myrtle Beach. On July 16, he took me to ride the skywheel (I had no idea he was going to propose!). Once we got on the skywheel. He asked “Can I ask you a question?” He pulls out the zales box and opens the box and ask “Will you marry me? I said yes and of course I cried! It was very sweet and a complete surprise.

The One Thing You Love Most About Each Other:

Holly to Ryan:

I love how no matter how bad/sad of a day I have had he can stay make me laugh.

Ryan to Holly:

It’s not just one thing. She is a caring, loving person. She always puts me first rather than herself. When she doesn’t have too.
Vendors (I listed what I could think of, if this is too much please feel free to only use what you think is necessary.):

Enjoy everyone!

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DJ – Joey Pugh
Flowers – The Brides Bouquet
Etsy – Monogrammed Shirt from Southern Stitch & Cake Topper 
Hair & Make-Up – Kristinia Young
Wedding Dress – Timeless Traditions
Wedding Invitations, Mr. & Mrs. Signs, Unity Sand Vases – Hobby Lobby
Wedding Cake & Cupcakes – Kupkakery Bakery
Reception Decorations – Ferrum College
Wedding Guest Book – Shutterfly

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