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Katy + Travis // Married

Meet Katy and Travis Pool!

Katy and Travis had their Cloverdale Quarters Wedding in Sutherlin, Virginia on September 12th, 2015. 

OHHHHHH I am so excited (aren’t I ALL the time?) to be sharing Katy and Travis’ wedding on the blog today. I tell you, the best part about this wonderful thing I am completely honored and humbled to call my job, is that I am able to meet AMAZING people like Katy and Travis. I get to have friendships with them and get to know them on a GENUINE level. It’s truly priceless to me. A lot of people always tell me that my smile is contagious and I never really understood what they meant by that. However, after getting to know Katy…I understand now! Her excitement is written all over her gorgeous smile that RADIATES happiness!!!  Oh, it makes ME so happy!!! Not to mention when you read a about their love story below, you’ll find out exactly the reason Travis fell in love with her.

 Katy and Travis have been with me now for their engagement session (we did them in the SNOW click here to view them), bridal session (click here to view them), and now THEIR WEDDING!!!! When talking with Katy about her ideas for her wedding, I was instantly over the moon! A September wedding at Cloverdale Quarters where the horses graze over the rolling hills of Sutherlin, Virginia. Add that to a rustic them with a hand-made alter (YES IT WAS HANDMADE) by Travis with pops of navy, peaches, and neutrals for table settings. I was in photographer heaven! Oh, and all the HANDWRITTEN signage…ALL done by Katy! I told her she NEEDS to open an Etsy shop! She has serious talent!

Ok…I will stop rambling!

Enjoy everyone!!!


Their Love Story

When and where did you both meet?

After much persistence from Travis’s Aunt Teresa and cousin Emily, they were set up on a blind date.  They went on our first date on July 14, 2012.

When did you know he was the one and vice versa? 


I knew Katy was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with shortly after we fell in love with one another.  I found that I could open up to her and truly be myself in her presence.  The more time we spent together the closer we became. 


Family means everything to me.  My family and I have always been very close.  I knew Travis was the one when he fit right in with my big Italian family at our traditional Christmas gathering at my Grandparents house in Delaware. 

What’s the one thing you both love each other the most for? 


I was instantly attracted to Katy’s smile.  It is so contagious that I can’t help but smile when I see her smiling.  I also love her personality.  She is one of the most kind, nurturing, and caring people I have ever met.


I’ve always loved how compassionate Travis is.  He has such a warm and caring heart.  I love how great he is with children too (that might be because he can act like a big kid himself!) 

How did he propose? 

We were visiting Travis’s sister down in Wilmington, NC after Christmas.  On the morning of New Years Eve, Travis asked me if I wanted to go walking on the beach before we headed home.  As much as I absolutely LOVE the beach, I hesitated, because it was FREEZING that morning! He finally convinced me to go, and we headed down to the beach at Fort Fisher with his sister, Ginger, and his nephew Halen.  We were walking along the beach looking for shells and Halen and I had gotten a little ahead of him.  All of the sudden I heard Travis say from behind me “Hey, look at this shell!” and to my surprise he was down on one knee when I turned around.  He had the ring in a shell and asked me to marry him.  My answer, of course, was YES! 


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Venue  – Cloverdale Quarters
Wedding Dress – Caryn’s
Bridesmaids dresses – J Crew
Tuxedos – Hite’s Clothing
Cake – Mrs. Hazel Epps
DJ/Music – Kirby Saunders
Catering – Four Oaks Restaurant
Flowers – Crewe Florist & Gifts
Hair – Brittany Comer
Makeup – Tanya Gillespie   
Wedding Coordinator – Mrs. Jackie Meadows
Photo Booth – NC Foto Booth
Videographer– Justin Perry & Caleb Dillon
Rentals – Big Sky Rentals 

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