Lydia + Patrick


A Berry Hill Resort Wedding

These two were married on November 5th, 2016 and had such a gorgeous Berry Hill Resort wedding filled with so many gorgeous southern details!

When I first met with Lydia and Patrick, we had a delicious brunch at Berry Hill Resort. I mean why not? It’s the perfect venue nestled here in my hometown in Halifax County. Lydia had so many gorgeous ideas for her wedding day. She clearly had such a great southern charm about her, so I knew it wouldn’t be any different on her wedding day. What I didn’t know was how incredibly GORGEOUS her wedding dress would be. YOU. GUYS. Her bridal session (click here to view that) was only the beginning.

The wedding day itself started off so beautifully. Lydia really cared so much about all of her details big and small. Amanda Day Rose and Lydia worked together to make sure every single last detail was in place and just perfect. There were bundles of magnolia incorporated all throughout the wedding day. From the ceremony steps to the place cards at the reception. Everything had such a charming feel.

Oh, and for their portraits…Patrick’s Grandfather brought quite the gorgeous beauty of a car (matching the color scheme perfectly) for them to use. I WAS IN LOVE YOU GUYS! But more than that, I loved how calm these two were the whole day. They were simply happy to spend the day with their closest family and friends. Most of all to finally be husband and wife.


When and where did you both meet?

We met at Longwood University in 2009. We were both in the Honors College and actually lived across the hall from each other. We really got to know each other second semester when we were both taking the same History course.

When did you know he was the one and vice versa? 

Lydia: After dating for about a year I was pretty head over heels and knew I found a special match.

Patrick: She caught my attention early on and I just knew.

What’s the one thing you both love each other the most for? 

Lydia: He has a great sense of humor (very sarcastic) and can calm me down when I get super stressed. He also goes out of his way to make me happy whenever he can.
Patrick: Lydia is really good at helping me stay organized and laughing with me.
How did he propose? 

He actually planned an extended weekend trip to Charleston, SC for my birthday! As soon as we checked in to our B&B he popped the question and we took a long walk around downtown just talking about how excited we were and what kind of wedding we wanted.


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Ceremony/Venue: Berry Hill Resort 

Wedding Dress: Madison James – Caryn’s Bridal

Wedding Coordinating and Styling: Amanda Day Rose

Cake: Christina Kearney

Invitations: Beacon Lane

Florals: Gregory Florist 

Hair:Hair: Allison Wilmouth

Makeup: Amanda Carter

DJ: DJ Shakespeare

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