5 Reasons Why You Need New Branding Photos

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What’s up? Oh? You’ve stumbled upon a blogpost telling you not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE reasons why you NEED new branding photos? Yeah. I got you. I am here to chat with you briefly on why you need new branding photos like….PRONTO! And honestly, this isn’t a sale. It’s just…the truth. Trust me. Haha! But, if you do feel inclined, I really love branding photos like…SUPER passionate about it and I have a unique background in a love & degree for psychology ANDDDD graphic design. AKA: I know and understand the VIBES and I also understand what content websites & social media need to look fresh, fun, and unique to you!


Your photos aren’t “you” at all.

Don’t get me wrong here, a photo of you IS you technically I guess, but is it really *YOU*?! Is it really a showcase of your personality and does it make your potential and current clients feel CONNECTED to you? If the answer is “hmmm maybe?” or a plan old “not really, actually” – thennnnn it’s time to get with the program. We are beyond the world of professional stuffy headshots that are someone just “looking” dead on to a camera and barely cracking an authentic smile.

Take the two photos above from Brandi Hall owner of Iron & Ivy Films branding shoot I took for her shiny new website launch and rebrand. They show case a FUN and personable wedding videographer who isn’t afraid to be themselves. THIS is what helps a client determine how they feel about you just right off of your website or social media. If they’re like “that’s too fun for me” then the photos are doing exactly what they should. REPELLING a client that doesn’t like to have FUN, and zoning in on the clients who DO. 


Your photos don’t really SHOWCASE enough “Behind the Scene” photos of what you do and how you do it and what you do it with.

This is a big problem in certain industries in my opinion and can lead clients to thinking “hmmm….I don’t really feel like this is my person I want to hire because I am not seeing any pictures of them in their “element” and I would feel more confident hiring them if they had imagery that speaks to what they do and can do FOR me.”

Take Trevor Smith, owner of Small Town Design Co. in Halifax, VA for an example. I did a branding shoot for him when he opened up his new office and we brought several images to life for him of all he offers in his design company. One of those offers being video and photography for his client’s and their website & content needs. A client can take one look at this photo and know he’s got a set up that will blow them out of the water with what to expect and not to mention…a friendly and genuine smile to go alone with it! 


Your photos aren’t…well…good or match your brand’s overall “vibe” enough.

Yeah…I said it. Your brand photos just suck honestly. They weren’t what you wanted or were aiming for. You didn’t put thought behind it or have someone (Hi, that’s ME) to guide you on what to even plan for. You settled for some new pics, but they fell less than short on everything you wanted and since you paid for it, you’re gonna use them…you guess.

Let me tell you, when I personally take branding photos, I LEARN the brand and learn what their WANTS, DESIRES, AND NEEDS ARE! Not to mention, the COLORS! Take this gorgeous gal with her VIBRANT cake & dessert business in Northern, Virginia. Amanda with Signature Sweets by Amanda came to me wanting her imagery to match her fun personality & then some. We truly had each outfit and scene planned before we even got to the studio. The result? AMAZING images she gets to use for years to come and post on social, use on her website, and more! 



They aren’t fun and honestly boring anddddd maybe just played way too safe.

I repeat myself, we are living in a time of people wanting genuine connection and let’s be honest, who really even relates to a stuffy and boring shot nowadays? I mean, maybe there’s an off chance some people do. I guess some people think there’s truly a fine line between “professional” imagery and incorporating fun shots like the above one with with pizza & coffee in it of two humans who really love their job. That’s fine. Those people should honestly not be reading this blog post anyway, haha. If you are one of those peeps, I hope I am changing your mind, but honestly, if not, it’s cool.

Take this super fun and packed FULL of personality shot from my branding shoot with the Mullins Photo Co.  for their new website and brand launch coming soon. They wanted fun and we worked together to figure out exactly how to incorporate things that they both LOVE into their branding photos while keeping a fun balance of showcasing what they do in the photo itself. I mean, does it really get any more fun than pizza & coffee?


You don’t show enough variety in your images for social media or your website.

This one is kinda straight forward. I mean, people love photos and visuals. That’s what Instagram is all about, right? Well, that and reels, so video as well, but still imagery none-the-less. Basically, what I am saying here is when you do a branding sesh and you have the right person taking them, it’s incredibly SMART beyond belief to incorporate images like the one above in your shot list and branding session.

Pulling another fun image from Brandi’s session here (see her info above on #1)! We made sure on her “shot list” that we had fun photos with confetti involved during a portion of her shoot. Why confetti? Well, to CELEBRATE duhhhhhh. Celebrate what? Well, think about the many ways she can use this image. She can use it in emails she is announcing something BIG! She can use it in posts on social for celebrating booking her goal for the year! She can use it after some one hits “submit” on her contact form with the headliner “POP THE CONFETTI, YOUR INQUIRY HAS BEEN SUBMITTED” – I mean, the list can go onnnnnnnnn and on! 

Okkkkkkk, I could list like a million more reasons why you need new branding photos, but that would take me forever because I have ADHD and like to talk…A LOT….so I will save you the endless hours of reading! HAHA!

The main point is, if you’re not in LOVE with your current branding images (think images you use on social, your website, on flyers, on your email newsletter, ALL THE THINGS), then it’s likely time you spoil ya self simply because you made it to the end of this blog post and I mean, I hope it wasn’t for nothing. Basically, this is your sign and you’re welcome. You don’t have to book me, butttt I would strongly recommend booking someone you KNOW is going to capture the vibe you’re aiming for.


If you wanna book a branding session with me (in home, at your business, or in my studio), then hit that contact butting at the top of the site and let’s DO the damn thing! I got you!!!

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