Talkative Tuesday is BACK – Woof and Wine – Sans Soucy Vineyards

Hey everyone! Guess what (as if you didn’t already know from the title)?!

Talkative Tuesday is back!

I can’t make any excuses for why I stopped doing posts. I just let my work take over my life. Plus moving, getting married, spartan races (we complete our tri-fecta this Saturday YEE!) and just everything in between. But, I really want to use this time to be able write special posts, give advice to clients, write thoughts down from my crazy coffee fueled brain and give you a little peek into my life and the various things I do, hear or see.

Today I want to share about the Woof and Wine event held by Paws and Claws SPCA that I attended this weekend at the gorgeous Sans Soucy Vineyards in Brookneal, Virginia.

There were so many wonderful things about this event. From the happy people roaming about drinking wine and chatting with their friends. To the smooth sounds of Dane Ferguson‘s voice in the background, but the best thing about this event were the dogs that were there. It was so great to see these dogs that were rescued given a chance to live and exist. You could feel their happiness radiating from their doggy smiles!

I was invited by my sweet mother-in-law, Susan, who is also a very active member of Paws and Claws, with the promise of it being great time! And when she says it will be a good time, you know it will. So, I brought a friend and we sat and ate delicious pizza and had samples of the wine (ended up buying two bottles of Oak and Berry – DELICIOUS).  As I was sitting there, I found myself thinking that these dogs would look so good being photographed in this moment. And then I remembered I had my camera in the car! Immediately I grabbed it and started snapping away snapping shots of dogs and their owners, dogs just by themselves and the  wonderful Paws and Claws SPCA group!

I hope you see the happiness I saw Saturday. Can’t wait for next year!

If you would like more info about how to be a part of the Paws and Claws SPCA group click here.

If you’re interested in downloading  your images from this weekend click this link. If you want to purchase a print ALL proceeds will be donated to the Paws and Claws group!

And remember, ADOPT don’t shop! 


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