When Should You Book Your Wedding Photographer

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You just got ENGAGED!!! YAYYYY!!! Pop the champagne and celebrate with your closest family and friends! That ring is so shiny and new! It’s something you won’t be able to stop staring at for weeks and months (or if you’re like me years) to come! You’ve already taken your “OMG I AM ENGAGED” iPhone shots and posted them online! Everyone is SO excited for you and asking the question “When’s the wedding?!”

Well, now is the part where you start deciding on what your wedding will be like. But let’s get real, you’ve probably already decided most of that already! You have a pretty Pinterest board that may or may not be secret. You’ve been looking at different shades of bridesmaids dresses, flowers, decor, and pinning all of your favorite bride and groom photos that you would love to see happen for you and your wedding day.

So, you’re engaged. Your mind comes to a stop for a brief second. Where do you begin? 


 Now is the time to move on to booking your HIGH PRIORITY vendors! So who is that? Well, that can honestly be whomever you consider to be up there on that list. If you can’t get married without having a certain florist, wedding venue, or and exclusive band at your wedding, then add that to your list of high priority.

So? When should you book your photographer? Photographers are generally considered high priority. It’s not that we are special above any other vendor. No, no, no! That’s not what this is about or what I am saying at all. Odds are you’ve found a photographer or two that you LOVE and you want to book for your wedding. YAYYYY!!! Well, that’s awesome and we love that you love our work! However as a photographer, I HIGHLY recommend you start the process of booking that photographer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because dates book quickly. Especially popular dates too!

I can’t tell you how SAD it makes me when and excited bride sends me an email. She lists all of her amazing details and how she loves my work. Then, I look at the date she’s listed and it’s already booked. Actually, funny enough that literally just happened while typing this! It breaks my heart, but what’s meant to be is meant to be I suppose. However, if you’re interested in booking a date, then get on it sooner rather than later and that goes with more than just booking your photographer. Trust me again when I say dates go FAST for us here in the wedding industry and we want nothing more than to be able to work with you on your wedding day!

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