Jonci + Joey // Married

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A Virginia Rustic Wedding


Jonci and Joey had their GORGEOUS DIY Rustic Wedding on June 4th, 2016.

They caught each other’s eyes from across a crowded room. Something like in a movie scene. Now, they’re MARRIED! I remember meeting these two on their engagement session (you can find that here). They seemed shy. Both of them. However, that quickly changed once we spent just a tad more time together. The laughs started rolling out and we had a blast. When you’re in my shoes and you’re taking photos of people for a living you get the pure honor of watching love unfold from behind a camera lens. It’s literally THE BEST EVER! And boy, are these two in love! Oh, and did I mention how GORGEOUS Jonci’s bridal portraits were (you can find that here)?!

Jonci and her mom (who seriously needs to plan weddings…like SERIOUSLY) planned this gorgeous rustic wedding from scratch. They had quite the vision and when I got there the day of, I was BLOWN AWAY! I mean, these details were so CUTE, rustic, and most importantly, CLASSY! Which was a big deal to Jonci. She’s a classy lady so I expected nothing less! Everything came together so perfectly. And let me tell you one last thing, we were PRAISING God for giving us just enough time before the storm rolled in to get the wedding AND the portraits done. I mean, what a BLESSING!


When and where did you both meet?  

Bar 119 in Jan. 2012. He was a bouncer. We had noticed each other long before January, but never actually spoke until my sister introduced us. He asked me out and the rest is history.

When did you know he was the one and vice versa? 

He knew when I took a week off work to care for him when he got really sick. He saw then that I would stay with him through thick and thin.

I knew when he told me that I was exactly the type of woman he had prayed for and I was better than he could have imagined.

What’s the one thing you both love each other the most for? 

He says everything, but especially my witty and funny personality. We keep each other laughing.

I love that he is so patient with me when I’m making mountains out of molehills! I also love that he makes me feel cherished.

How did he propose? 

We have a Saturday night tradition of preparing supper together and dancing around the kitchen/living room to classic country music. As we were dancing to a Conway Twitty song, he spun me around and dropped to one knee to pop the question!


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