Michelle + Jason


A Gentry Farm Wedding

They were married on September 24th, 2016 and had such sweet rustic styled wedding at the Gentry Farm just outside of Danville, Virginia.

When I think of these two, I think of the words: true best friends. These two were not ONE bit nervous on their wedding day I tell you. They’ve been those best friends since HIGH SCHOOL y’all! I mean, I would like to think that they just knew it was meant to be and that they would say their vows one day. Well, that day finally came for them.

Like I said previously, their day was calm and no nerves visible. Pure happiness through and through. Gorgeous sunflowers bouquets, pumpkins with mums placed inside, and lots of pretty burlap here there and everywhere. Gentry Farm was SO perfect for these southern sweethearts. Michelle put her cow girl boots on as Jason straightened his tie outside awaiting to see his beautiful bride for the first time (click here to see Michelle’s bridal portraits). The moment came where they shared in their “First Look” with each other and I promise they IMMEDIATELY just hugged and each other for a solid 5 minutes. It was PRECIOUS you guys! Before we knew it these two were husband and wife!!! And then, the party began! Lots of family and friend love for these two were something that was VERY much present the entire day.

Michelle and Jason, it was very, very clear that you two absolutely were meant to be. I know that’s totally cliche, but when you know, you just know, you know? I wish you both all of the happiness and I am SO lucky and honored to have captured your special day!


When and where did you both meet?

Halifax County High school where we became high school sweethearts.

When did you know he was the one and vice versa? 

While we were dating in high school.

What’s the one thing you both love each other the most for? 

 Michelle: The one thing I love the most about him is his unconditional love for me and he makes me laugh and he takes me as I am, my redneck side comes out a lot and he doesn’t mind.
Jason: The one thing I love the most about her is she is good hearted and faithful, and I know I can always count on her. She always has my best interest at heart.

How did he propose? 

He proposed on my birthday in our house and totally surprised me! Of course the answer was “YES!”



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