Valerie + Kyle


A Gramercy Mansion Wedding

They were married on September 18th, 2016 at the oh so beautiful Gramercy Mansion in Maryland.

When Valerie first contacted me, we hit it off right away. I mean, she’s an animal lover you guys! How I could we not end up being good friends?! We texted each other (and still do about wine and Teddy Grahams) some of the most random stuff including all of the AMAZING ideas she had for her wedding. Now, let me tell you that Valerie is the type of person that knows what she wants and if she can get it done herself, she WILL! Literally, she made ALL of the signs for her ceremony and reception. Her and Amanda Day Rose worked some serious magic together with her floral design and GORGEOUS invitation suite. I really believe God connects people for a reason and I am SO happy he connected us all together.

Seriously WOW is all I can really truly say to sum up how Valerie and Kyle’s wedding day unfolded though. Every little detail was flawless! I am still over here daydreaming about how their day was. How calm both of them were. Their sweet love and incredible personalties were just made to be captured. I am telling you! Their engagement session (you can find that here) was out of this world too! It’s actually going to be PRINTED in Virginia Bride Magazine in their newest upcoming issue. So, be sure to grab that!

On a more serious note…I can’t begin to describe how much I seriously cherish the people I meet in my life through my business. And when those people become good friends like Valerie and Kyle…it makes my heart so, so happy.


When and where did you both meet?

We physically met at work in Virginia, but after comparing stories we found out we had met once on 6 months previous and we worked together at a local YMCA in UpState NY when we were teenagers but had never met until work in Virginia. I (Valerie) was the one who put all the pieces together and realized we had to have met before…meanwhile Kyle ignored me for 3 weeks before finally agreeing to go on a date. Our first date consisted of a coffee that lasted 2 hours, then walking around Wegmans (go figure), THEN went to a local bar where we found a stray cat and Kyle was willing to help me catch him and rescue him.

When did you know he was the one and vice versa? 

Valerie: I knew Kyle was the one when he didn’t look at me weird when I said “I have a cat carrier in my truck (because I always do), we need to help this cat!” and he helped me try to save the cat we found outside the bar from our first date.

Kyle: I knew she was the one when she was helping to fix an injury I had encountered on my foot,  and I let the words “I think im falling in love with you” slip out while she was bandaging me up.

What’s the one thing you both love each other the most for? 

We both are obsessed with animals, fostering rescues, and running around our house like lunatics and playing games with our dog and cat. For example: if Kyle runs through the living room yelling “Optimus! Come get me!” in a high pitched baby voice and disappears for 10 minutes, I wouldn’t think twice about it. That’s normal in our house.

How did he propose? 

He proposed at one of my favorite wineries, and got all my friends in on it. Each person started randomly handing me cards that said “will you marry me?” and I kept saying “What? No! Wait what is happening?” and then after I said no to everyone I turned around and Kyle was on one knee and said “Well i’m glad you said no to all of them…” and it happened. The funnier part was that as soon as I saw the ring I said “oh my God Kyle…I want a house some day, this is too big!”

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