Josh and Juliette

Meet Josh and Juliette Combs!

They were married on April 4th, 2015 at a private residence in Culpepper, right outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Funny thing how worlds always seem to collide. Josh and I had actually met one another on a mission trip to Ghana. I remember we would talk about his future “wife” and he would write letters to her on the plane. It was PRECIOUS! Little did we all know that future wife would turn out to be the most sweet and caring girl, Juliette. What a total match made in heaven these two are.  So, when they came to me and asked to be their photographer, I felt unbelievably honored. During their engagement session, they were so blissfully staring into each others eyes and laughing! OH – I just LOVE stuff like that! Not to mention it makes my job easier capturing those adoring moments.

A rustic barn wedding is one of my favorite type of weddings and Juliette and her mom KNOCKED this wedding out of the park! From everything to the flowers in her hair to the hand-made gown! I mean, I was impressed! This was definitley a D-I-Y wedding! With loads of glitter, tones of green and white, and flowers. If you’re thinking about details for a rustic barn wedding – this is a wedding you don’t want to miss!


When and where did you both meet?


Josh and Julliete met in a youth group they both started attending called Revolution held at Mountain View church. And of course the both of them hit it off right from the start!

When did you know he was the one and vice versa?


I knew he was the one before we started dating, he was like no one I’ve met before. We hung out some before we dated and each conversation was deep and pleasant and he was so comfortable to talk to. He’s so genuine and kind to me and is so gentle and Christ centered.


She’s got the right traits. She loves God wholeheartedly, and wants to love Him more. She is selfless, and kind, and generous. Seeing all those things in a woman just made it click with me one day. Because I girl like that doesn’t come around everyday. I can’t exactly pinpoint a day, but I know it was one of the best choices I have ever made!


What’s the one thing you both love each other the most for? 


He’s such a big man, but he’s so gentle and silly towards me! I love how we can be goofy and dance but then he can pick me up without thinking twice. He’s my gentle giant!


Juliette is so willing to just give up herself for somebody else. She would do anything for anyone, and I love that.


How did he propose?


Juliette had just finished a mission trip and was on her way back home. She had NO IDEA Josh had plans on proposing to her as soon as she walked off the plan. After finally stepping on top solid ground and what seemed like endless flights, she was pretty much wiped out. Josh, her father, and her little sister were all standing in the distance waiting for her to  walk in. While kneeling on one knee, he said “Hey, I have a question for you. Will you marry me?”. OF COURSE she said yes!!!
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Vendors & Shout Outs:
Ceremony & Reception | Private Residence
Dress | Handmade by Susie Clancy 
DJ | I’m the DJ 
Catering | Shawn’s BBQ
Cake | Homemade by Susie Clancy
Doughnuts | Krispy Kreme
Make Up | Tina Freitas

Juliette and Josh would like to give a special thanks to Boots and Melissa Feather for letting them have their wedding on their property, and for all the selfless help they so willing gave to prepare for the wedding.
A HUGE thanks to Susie Clancy (Mom of Juliette) for being a miracle worker and putting endless hours into the D-I-Y wedding and bending over backwards to make this day happen. 
And last but not least, praise the the bridal party for keeping Juliette and Josh calm, cool, and collected. And for help all throughout the day. 

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