Elizabeth and Jason – A Vintage Campground Wedding

Meet Elizabeth and Jason Glaze!

They were married on April 11th, 2015 at Camp Kerr Lake in Henderson, North Carolina.

During their engagement session I had the honor of getting to see how her and Jason complimented each other so well and their love built around the Lord. I can’t even begin to explain the chemistry of love, but when you know, you know, you know? I mean that so sincerely and I am so genuinely happy to call Elizabeth and Jason friends now. I think that is the best part about my job – I get to share a gift God has given me with people, build relationships with them, and share in their happiness.

From the moment I first met Elizabeth I could tell she was not nervous one bit about her wedding day. It’s funny, because I am sure she may say otherwise, but it was very clear to me she had quite the vision. Their effortless vintage campground wedding was filled with family heirlooms, antiques, flowers, charming lighting and so much more.


When and where did you both meet?

Jason first laid eyes on Elizabeth during their first semester attending Liberty, University while taking a communications class. Becoming friends first was just key in the path they walked together in the journey that later resulted in their marriage – YAY!!! They began to get to know one another and each others families and friends, even before they started officially dating. To both of them, that was something that they cherished so very much.

When did you know he was the one and vice versa?


I don’t think there was one exact moment, but a series of small moments that made me nod and think, “This guy is awesome. You’re going in the right direction.” Also, when my parents approved of him. That mean a lot to me; they’re picky. ;)


Elizabeth and I became best friends and could talk to each other about anything. She helped me through the good times and the rough times. With encouragement from friends and family, I knew that I couldn’t go wrong with pursuing my best friend.

What’s the one thing you both love each other the most for?


His joy for living life, his passion, and love for people. He knows how to enjoy the small moments with me. When he likes or enjoys something (hobby, sport, future wife) he pursues it wholeheartedly.


Her laugh, smile, and giggles brighten your darkest day. :) I also love her crazy sense of humor and her love for people.

How did he propose?


He took me to see our favorite band EVER! Needtobreathe! We went with his best man and his fiancé and my maid of honor, and  spent the next day at the beach. He proposed just as the sun was setting on the water. It was perfect. We later realized that it was the same date that my parents got engaged!

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Vendors & Shout Outs:
Catering | Family Members made the sides + BBQ from Nunnery-Freeman in Henderson, NC
Cake | Homemade Donner Conner
Flowers | Ken Vaiden

Elizabeth and Jason would like to give a special thanks to
the Shiloh family for allowing them to use the campground as their wedding venue.
To the bridal party for all their efforts and help throughout the day.
Beee Dunne for hand painting the signs and helping to capture the vision for the wedding decorations.
And a HUGE thanks to Elizabeth’s “Mema” for letting them use so many of her antiques and to the other family members and friends that had a hand in making this day possible.

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