Sam and Brian // Married

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Meet Sam and Brian! They’re MARRIED!!! YAY!!!

Sam and Brian wanted a small and intimate wedding at Maccallum More Gardens. They also wanted their wedding day to be the exact same date as their dating anniversary. I would say they accomplished that and more! Everything was planned so nice and they were able to celebrate along side their closet family and friends.

Sam had lots of Irish tradition in and throughout her wedding which made my heart so happy! I mean, just take a look at her GORGEOUS ring!!! Claddagh ring’s originated in a little fishing village just outside of Galway called Claddagh. Fun fact: I have actually visited Galway and went to that exact town where they were made! I even have on of my own. So when I saw Sam’s ring I was in LOVE! I thought nothing could be more fitting. The ring represents Love, Trust, and Honor. What a great way to start their marriage!



When and where did you both meet?
Spring of 2012 at Averett University, I had met and become friends with several members of Averett’s fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi. One night I was invited to a fraternity party where I met Brian, who was Archon (president) of the fraternity. He added me on Facebook the night we met, but we never really spoke to each other until September of that year.


When did you know he was the one and vice versa?  
Sam: One time I casually mentioned how much I adored the Blue Ridge Parkway and Mabry’s Mill. He talked to some of my friends and planned a drive up for the 2 of us, and dinner at the mill’s restaurant. The fact that he remembered just the little things I mention in passing, that just proved to me that he was the one.
Brian: It was early in our relationship when we were hanging out at a friend’s apartment one night. We were sitting on the living room couch watching a marathon of The Twilight Zone, and gradually everyone went to bed leaving just the two of us on the couch. We stayed up for most of the night watching The Twilight Zone and just talking, until finally she fell asleep in my lap with a slight grin on her face. That was when I knew she was the one.


What’s the one thing you both love each other the most for? 
Sam: His heart. He is so unbelievably kind and compassionate. When I see him with his sister, or with our dog Wendell, you can just see how wonderful he is.
Brian: I love the fact that she is always there for me. Anytime I come home from a rough day at work or when we have had family members come down with medical issues, she has always been right by my side through everything.


How did he propose?
We were getting ready to go see Legally Blonde at the Prizery. I had known for a while that he was planning to propose, but right before we left for the show he got down on one knee in our living room and completely shocked me! He told me he knew that if he planned something elaborate and fancy I would somehow find out before hand so this was the only way he knew how to surprise me. He was right! haha.


Any other special things you would like to mention about you two or the wedding?
Just want to let everyone know that sometimes things will go wrong on your wedding day (the lady we hired to bake our cake forgot to make the tier we were going to cut resulting in us buying an ice cream cake from Food Lion at the last minute), but at the end of the day all that matters is you’re marrying your best friend. That’s all you need to focus on.




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Venue -MacCallum More Museum and Gardens
Wedding Dress -Milady’s Boutique
Bridesmaids dresses – Milady’s Boutique
Flowers -DiddleBug on Etsy
Hair -Karyn Johnson
Makeup -Karyn Johnson
Officiant- Reverend Dr. Paul David Larrimore

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