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The New Website and a Continuing Journey

Wow…it’s finally here!!!

Hard work, endless notes, and lots of hours working with Christina of Hellow Yellow to build this website and it’s HERE!!! This website was inside of my head and Christina brought every last detail to life. I was blown away when she showed me the first previews. I am still in “AWE” over this website!!! The homepage is my FAVORITE!!! AHHH!!!

It all started when I sat down and took a good hard look at my brand as a whole. I was a little all over the place and my old website reflected that. It wasn’t a BAD website by any means, but it wasn’t what I knew in my heart that I wanted for my clients. What did I want? I wanted something CLEAN, MOBILE FRIENDLY (that was a BIG one), easy to navigate, and I wanted to make it focused on educating clients about my craft to ensure we are the perfect fit for one another. I don’t want to just be known as a “photographer” that takes pictures and her job is fun and she must get paid lots of money! Ohhhhh, no! What I want most of all is to CONNECT to my clients. To build friendships! I want people to see the love and hard work that I put in my work and I felt like the first place I could reach people is the place that’s designed to showcase my work. My website.

After figuring out all of the details and making plans, I quickly contacted people to help bring this vision to life. Firstly, I needed pictures. Pictures of me. Headshots? No! Not JUST head shots (I still took those too, ha!), I wanted to show my heart and I wanted to be intentional about it. I wanted to show my hardworking husband who has supported me through the many nights of late night editing, crying over some not so good times, and helping me stand back up when I felt like I no longer could. I wanted to show my sweet Cooper (the handsome pup you see below) and shots of my handy dandy camera. But most of all, I wanted to show my love for life and the reasons I smile all the time and Megan Vaughan of Megan Vaughan Photography (WHO I LOVE SO MUCH) captured this for me. She captured it perfectly. I remember tearing up when she sent me the gallery and this was the start of my vision coming to life.

Soon after that the ball started rolling and rolling quickly. Next thing I knew I was working with Amanda Day Rose (SHE IS AMAZING HIRE HER FOR FLORALS, STYLING, AND STATIONARY) on styling a desktop photo shoot to help fill in some gaps with love on the website. And working to put my super sweet #YAYHCPBRIDES welcome packages together. Everything was falling into place.

Everything did fall into place. I thank God over, and over, and over for creating this path for me. For connecting me with these hardworking BOSS LADIES to make my vision a reality. For my family and friends for supporting me through this all. Guys, I am just thankful. There’s no better way to say it. I feel underserving and incredibly grateful to say the least. The journey continues…

and I have an announcement to make with this post!!! 

Are you ready for this? I have been so incredibly blessed in the business that I have grown to the point where next year I will only be doing weddings and senior portraits exclusively!!! WHAT!!! You’re probably asking why? This was a HUGE decision for me and a HARD one at that, but as a newlywed, daughter, sister, friend and someone who just recently lost someone I was very close to. I realized that life is short and I can’t bury myself into work, work, work any more. I am missing out on those precious moments and I am happy and thankful that I am able to move my business in this direction. Now, what does that mean for regular sessions? Well, as it turns out there may be a plan or two in set in motion for that, but I will announce that sometime next year.

So, I hope you’ll take some time and take a look around the new website and enjoy Megan’s family portraits of us below!

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